A little introduction

Alright, the dreaded first blog post! Here goes nothing...

First off, a little history about me: I'm 27 and live in Calgary, Alberta.  I moved here somewhat spontaneously last year and am very grateful that I did.  I live with my amazing boyfriend and our (somewhat spastic) dog, Rocco--I love them both to death.  A few things I love other than my boyfriend and dog are: nail polish, succulents, throw blankets, dainty jewellery and doughnuts/cronuts.  Also, sloths.  They get their own honourable mention because I adore them just that much.  

I decided to start this blog as a way to share my general thoughts, beauty obsessions, crafts, recipes--basically things I really enjoy that I think other people might also enjoy, or benefit from learning about.  One of my guilty pleasures is watching beauty videos on youtube, but I wasn't quite up for the challenge of making videos myself, yet. I found it daunting to have to film myself essentially talking to myself--so kudos to all you ladies that do it!  

I'm embarrassingly computer illiterate (this blog design took waaaay to long for me to set up) so this will be a test of my skills and patience (and possibly yours too, if you decide to read my blog).

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