Trinket dishes

So, for my first actual, non introductory post, I really wanted to talk about Anthropologie's trinket dishes.  Organization isn't something that comes completely naturally to me, so I enlist the help of many tools to keep all of my junk somewhat under control--these trinket dishes being one of them. Plus, I mean, how cute and whimsical are they?

This Eiffel Tower ring dish is designed by artist Molly Hatch and also comes in a few other landmark designs (Big Ben, Empire State Building) which I didn't see in store, but are available online.

This cream and gold giraffe is also super cute and handy for rings, earrings or any other trinkets that you want easy access to.  I keep one of the dishes in my bathroom and one on my dresser.  I was excited to keep my rings on it's neck, but unfortunately the little ears make it difficult for a ring to fit over (and fyi I have pretty wide fingers).  Still adorable and worth buying though.
Sorry this isn't the most exciting post, but I've been obsessing over these since I bought them and just wanted to share how cute they are.


A little introduction

Alright, the dreaded first blog post! Here goes nothing...

First off, a little history about me: I'm 27 and live in Calgary, Alberta.  I moved here somewhat spontaneously last year and am very grateful that I did.  I live with my amazing boyfriend and our (somewhat spastic) dog, Rocco--I love them both to death.  A few things I love other than my boyfriend and dog are: nail polish, succulents, throw blankets, dainty jewellery and doughnuts/cronuts.  Also, sloths.  They get their own honourable mention because I adore them just that much.  

I decided to start this blog as a way to share my general thoughts, beauty obsessions, crafts, recipes--basically things I really enjoy that I think other people might also enjoy, or benefit from learning about.  One of my guilty pleasures is watching beauty videos on youtube, but I wasn't quite up for the challenge of making videos myself, yet. I found it daunting to have to film myself essentially talking to myself--so kudos to all you ladies that do it!  

I'm embarrassingly computer illiterate (this blog design took waaaay to long for me to set up) so this will be a test of my skills and patience (and possibly yours too, if you decide to read my blog).

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